Thursday, January 22, 2015

Microsoft Introduces HoloLens, Digital Holograms that Interact with your Physical Environment.

Everyone who have seen the Iron Man movies probably love the way Tony Stark manipulates 3D holograms when he's working on his inventions. Well, Microsoft unveiled yesterday during their Windows 10 announcement something which seems to use the same kind of technology that Tony Stark uses in the Iron Man movies.

During the presentation the Microsoft guys had a "one more thing" to introduce to the world, and it's called HoloLens. HoloLens is a see-through headset that allows you to see digital holograms that interact with your physical environment. Holographic technology - as they call it because i'm not sure we can call this real "holograms" - seems to be a big deal right now but for me and as cool as it looks it seems to be closer to "augmented reality" than real holograms, that's why i don't buy really what Microsoft is trying to sell us in their marketing presentation.

Anyway, check out the videos below. and let's wait until we try this technology in real to see if it is really amazing, or just a "one more thing" which will make our lives probably more "fun", but not necessarily better.

Picture and video: copyright Microsoft

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