Friday, November 28, 2014

Sony eInk Watch Project is the Most Brilliant Idea Since the Invention of Watch !

It was a rumor, and now it's not anymore: Sony is really working on a eInk Watch and as you will see in the video it'll be one of the most brilliant idea since the invention of watch. Basically, they've found a way to use e-paper not only for the watchface itself, but around the strap itself too and just at the click of a button or even by a move the strap and the watch will change of pattern or color! And you'll have 24 different choices!

Flexible E-ink displays are nothing new, but as you'll see on the other video the technology could be used for others wearable items like shoes, glasses, and all of them could change of colors in less than a second. As they say, a picture worth a thousand words, so have a look at the videos below!

Picture and video: copyright Sony

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