Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Future of Flight : A Plane Without Windows !

Those of you who have dizziness may avoid the future of flying as the British company Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) unveiled "Aerospace Aircraft Windowless" his airplane project where windowless cabin walls are covered with a "digital wallpaper" that rebroadcast the sky and the landscape that surrounds the device, all in real time filmed by cameras located outside. These technologies display ultra-soft high definition which will allow passengers to choose their preferred view or use the screen as an on-board multimedia entertainment device.

The screens, which work with organic light emitting diodes (OLED), also appear on the back of seats. This innovation would also help to make the plane lighter and more aerodynamic at the same time, reducing fuel costs and carbon footprint.

Although the technology is still in development, ICC has developed flexible OLED lighting devices of different thicknesses and colors. Recently, the company has also shown that such devices could be bent to a radius of a millimeter without being seen to decline in quality in their operations.

A few months ago, Technicon Design had already unveiled its "Ixion jet", a private aircraft without window that transforms the walls inside his cabin into a giant screen to offer a panoramic view to its passengers, as you will see on the other video below.

Videos: copyright British Centre for Process Innovation, Technicon Design

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