Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fundawear, The " Innovention " You Didn't Expect

From mapping the human brain to 3D printing "nothing stops the progress" as they say, but sometime innovations can happen in the most unexpected sector  which is exactly the case of today's "innovention".

The research team at Durex - yes, the famous condom manufacturer - has created what they call "Fundawear", a long-distance iPhone app controlling underwear stimulator - no kidding. So, yes, now there is even "an app for that" and the "multitouch" smart phones screens really deserved to be called like this! That said, why not, and if this "Fundawear" works as well as they say it could be fun.

On the first video below "Durexperiment" team developers located in Australia explain you more about this new "Fundawear" which will be released first in Australia only. Fundawear price hasn't been announced yet.

On the second video a cute couple is experimenting Fundawear...

On this third video Billie Whitehouse, the fashion designer explain how she designed the underwear which needed to include the technology used in Fundawear.

For more infos go to Fundawear Facebook page HERE.

All videos: copyright Durex Australia

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