Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Apple Siri commercial with Martin Scorsese

There is a new Apple Siri commercial and this time it's with Martin Scorcese, one of the greatest living film director - and one of my favorite. And because Martin Scorcese is so linked with New York city and its taxi cabs - remember Taxi driver anyone? - Martin is filmed inside a NY taxi cab both talking with Siri and the taxi driver at his famous talking speed. And there is even a hidden easter egg as the number of the taxi Scorcese is riding in is “3S96” which is the same taxi Robert De Niro’s character drove in Scorsese’s film Taxi Driver!


Among the others Siri commercials filmed with famous people there was one with Samuel L. Jackson...

...As well as one with Santa Claus which was pretty good too.

Talking about commercials in which appear famous actors a short movie directed by the great film director Roman Polanski was released recently, and it's no one else than Sir Ben Kingsley and Helena Bonham Carter who are playing in it!

Videos: copyright Apple Inc, Prada


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  2. that's fabulous book of the Software Society.Apple Siri is so good.