Sunday, November 27, 2011

London's Iconic " Routemaster " Bus is back !

It was announced last year by London mayor, and it London passengers can look forward to getting on board early next year, but the legendary London bus "Routemaster" is back, with a new design by talented english artist and designer Thomas Heatherwick who took his inspiration from the old famous Routemaster which was introduced on London's streets in the 1950's. Below, you can see the original Routemaster and under the new version.

The original Routemaster is one of London best known icon, and i always loved it. I literally hated the new double decker buses who lost the charm of the old one - and also lost the open platform at the rear thanks to which you could go up or down whenever you wanted. The new version will have it back!...

...and even more as the new Routemaster wil have two stairs and three doors to help passengers to get in or out more quickly. And it will be eco-friendly, too, with a hybrid engine which will be 40% more energy efficient than a standard bus. It also doesn't shudder when it's stationary and will be much quieter and calmer.

Of course Thomas Heatherwick introduced some 21st century techniques like the new lighting now used within interior environments and Heatherwick feel that "it will make a very big difference to the experience". He also had, for the inside of the bus, the great idea to keep the same tones that will remind us the beloved original Route master.

The new Routemaster should be introduced anytime soon and definitely will be in time in London streets for London's Olympic Game next year. In the meantime have a look at the video below, and personally i think that Thomas Heatherwick did a great great job with this new design which also preserves the charm of the old one. Congratulations, Thomas!

Pictures: copyright Heatherwick Studio - London Transport

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