Sunday, January 30, 2011

Did Steve Jobs test the iPad with “The Incredibles” ?

Cult of Mac have an interesting article this week-end. According to Chris Noessel and Nathan Shedroff in their coming book called Make It So – Learning from SciFi interfaces, "if a device works on a movie audience, it’ll also work as a real-world product. That’s the “meta lesson” from who study how sci-fi interfaces in movies make it off the silver screen and vice versa.

Noessel and Shedroff believes that Steve Jobs may have used the 2004 Pixar movie “The Incredibles” to test whether audiences would accept the idea of a tablet computer. They aren’t the first ones to believe that Jobs may have inserted the iPad-like device in the “Incredibles,” but to assert that “users may already be predisposed to certain interface solutions solely based on what they’ve seen in the media.”

And it's true that the Incredibles iPad-like device looks like the real iPad that Apple launched six years later, so...

Your thoughts?

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