Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Amazing Microsoft " Manual Deskterity "

Here is the video of an amazing "multi-touch plus stylus" technology developed by Microsoft called "Manual Deskterity". I posted previously articles about the Microsoft Courier Tablet project but what the video was showing was a CGI animation of the concept, not the real thing. Today, it's different as what is filmed is the real thing. There is little doubt that it will be part of the Courier project if Microsoft finally succeed to put it into production.

So what is this "Manual Deskterity"? Well, let's say that for some multi touch applications using your finger works well, and for others a stylus would be better. "Manual Deskterity" shows how using both in conjunction could be the best option of all to manipulate digital objects in different ways whether it's to copying them, stacking them, slicing them or even tearing them apart. Have a look, it's amazing!

Video: copyright Microsoft

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